This is the project website for the Sun SPOT Universal Monitoring System (SUMS) system being developed by Team Awesome.

SUMS is a new, original monitoring system for deployed Sun SPOTs. The motes within the system are meant to run independently and concurrently with other SPOT applications both physically and in code.

The intent is that the motes that are programmed to interact with the system will operate within the SUMS wireless sensor network. These wireless sensor networks will be created by the base stations running SUMS programming. Motes within physical range of the wireless sensor network will connect with the rest of the system.

As the motes run their other application, the motes programmed with code to communicate with SUMS will automatically interact with the SUMS system. SUMS users will need to program the intended SPOTs to use SUMS, but once this task is done the motes will autonomously act during runtime. Connecting to SUMS sending data, and processing commands from SUMS will be done on the mote without any physical input on the mote.

The LAMM and WAMM console subsystems are meant to be as independent and self-contained as possible, however they will externally interact with a SQLite database for logging sensor data. Other than that, the consoles are only intended to interact with SUMS users and other SUMS subsystems.