Project Background

Every year, there are thousands of cases involving human trafficking in dozens of courts across the United States. With data from the cases scattered across different judicial districts, it can be difficult to analyze a large amount of cases. Our supporting clients have received a grant from the National Institute of Justice to help fulfill the analysis needed of the vast amount of human trafficking crime in the United States. This grant was awarded due to the amount of interest sparked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Institute of Justice, the United Nations, researchers, and the private sector.

Scope and Objectives

Judge Frog is a senior design capstone project that originated from the need for database and web application support for a NIJ funded project. The Judge Frog team is focused to create a well-structured and efficient database to store human trafficking data. The Judge Frog team will design and develop a web application that will be linked to the database and allow the data to be publicly accessible. The web application will provide analysis of the data and editing of the database.