Tarrant County College’s (TCC) Web Communications department proposes that Texas Christian University's (TCU) BullFROG team assists in planning and developing an application. The “Toward TCC” application will be used by the College Awareness Community Outreach (CACO) program when visiting area schools. The application is targeted for 9th-12th graders. The purpose of the application is to promote higher education and to help students achieve academic excellence. The application will contain information currently used by CACO with added user interaction and local data storage. The target for this application will be iOS devices, and a companion website. In addition, there is a possibility of designing a second application for another grade level. The TCC Web Communications department will be responsible for product maintenance after the initial TCU engagement.

Team Work

Each member of team BullFROG collaborates to solve an issue.


Knowledge from different backgrounds brought together to solve problems.


Developing on different OS systems and hardware configurations.

Programming Languages

Developing in different languages to produce customer needs.