Team Information

Michael Fore

Role: Testing Lead

Michael is a Computer Information Technology major. His main academic interests are wireless technologies, networking, and security. Outside of the computer world, Michael is a saxophonist in the TCU saxophone quartet. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games with friends, reading, and playing racquetball.

Jeffrey Newton

Role: Documentation Lead

Jeffrey Newton is a senior Computer Science major with specific interests in software optimization and mobile phone programming. In his spare time, Jeffrey likes to play retro video games with his nephews, hang out with friends, and learn random trivia. He plans to enter the workforce after graduating.

Sean Owen

Role: Project Manager

Sean is a Computer Science major with a background in server hardware and mobile phone programming. In his spare time Sean likes to build computers, play online games and fight fire with his volunteer fire department. His future plans are to go into industry.

Anh Pham

Role: iPad Lead

Anh Pham is a Computer Science and Math double major. With some experience in iPhone programming, he will be handling the task of porting the project on to the iPad platform. In his spare time, he enjoys coding, reading, and musing on various subjects.

Jeff Regan

Role: Healing Vision/Database Lead

Jeffrey Regan is a senior Computer Science major with specific interests in artificial intelligence and mobile software programming. Outside of the Computer Science field, he enjoys playing volleyball, lifting weights, and socializing with friends. In the future, he hopes to write software in a dynamic environment where he can make a direct and visible impact on his company. This work should allow him to learn and grow as an individual, as well as keep him engaged.

Alex Welsh

Role: Surface Lead/Design Lead

Alex Welsh is a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Physics and plans to pursue a master's degree in Game Development. He has some prior experience with making video games and intends to focus mainly on writing and testing the games that will be implemented in the project. Outside of the academic environment, Alex enjoys programming simple video games, playing video games, hanging out with friends, working out, reading novels, and rock climbing.

Matt Williams

Role: Website Lead/Graphics

Matthew Williams is a senior Computer Information Technology major and Business/Japanese double minor from North Richland Hills, TX. Matt's primary interests in technology include web design/development, video games, social media, and the practical application of it in business settings. Matt has had several internships that have dealt with working in the digital marketing and business development sectors of the gaming and entertainment industries. Upon graduation, Matt hopes to attain a full-time job in the entertainment industry.